construction safety measures

Prioritizing Safety Measures in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is a vital sector that contributes significantly to the economic growth of any nation. […]

construction safety equipment

A Deep Dive into Essential Construction Safety Equipment

The safety and well-being of construction workers should always be a top priority. Construction sites are inherently […]

Nail Gun Safety

Nail Gun Safety 101: Essential Rules for Injury-Free Carpentry

According to the CDC, approximately 37,000 people in the United States are treated for nail gun-related injuries yearly. Among […]

Multi-Home and Single-Family Building Permits

Current Status of Multi-Home and Single-Family Building Permits

According to new reports, multi-home and single-family home permit and building rates have been seeing recent growth. […]


Building A House from Start to Finish: What Nails Do You Need?

Building a house is a big project — from finding the perfect plot of land to designing […]


Crane Point Industrial’s Summer 2023 Vendor Event

Crane Point Industrial will host a vendor event on Thursday, June 22nd, featuring a mix of our favorite vendors. […]

different types of construction nails

The Ultimate Nail Guide: Different Types, Uses, Sizes

Are you working on a construction project and need to know what nails to use? This quick […]

Roofer with Tools

Must-Have Tools and Equipment for Roofing Projects

Are you getting ready to tackle a roofing project? If so, make sure you have the right […]

drywall tool

Essential Supplies for Drywall Contractors – Fasteners, Tools & More

Drywall contractors need all the tools of the trade to get the job done quickly and efficiently. […]

construction worker

When is Construction Season in the Pacific Northwest?  

Construction season usually refers to the period of the year when the weather permits projects to be […]

decking fasteners

What Fasteners Do You Need to Build a DIY Deck?

Have you been thinking that a beautiful wooden deck would transform your backyard into your own personal […]

gazebo building materials

Essential Gazebo Building Materials: Fasteners, Hardware, and More

Building your own gazebo can be a very rewarding DIY project. However, if you want your new […]

crane point new online store

Crane Point Industrial Launches New Online Store & Mobile App

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new online store and mobile app, making it convenient […]

backyard office shed

COVID Shed Spike: The Rising Popularity of Backyard Offices

The pandemic has impacted the way people work more than almost any other event in history. Despite […]

woman skilled trades career

Women in Trade: The Rise of Women in the Workforce

During World War II, with men joining the military, their jobs needed competent and skilled replacements, and […]

different types of pallets and their uses

Comparing Different Types of Pallets and Their Uses

Pallets play a critical role in transporting or storing goods in a space-efficient manner. There are many […]

occidental tool belt

Taking Tool Belts to the Next Level with Occidental Leather

Have you ever heard the saying, “that’s my right-hand man”? It usually means the thing or person […]

tool maintenance

7 Maintenance Tips to Prolong Tool Life

Your tools are essential to getting the job done on the work site. Imagine the time lost […]

everin tools family shot

Why EVERWIN Pneumatic is Our Brand of Choice

Crane Point Industrial is proud to partner with EVERWIN, a manufacturer dedicated to exceeding industry expectations with […]

tipos de tornillos

Tipos de tornillos y para qué sirven

Los tornillos se utilizan en una amplia variedad de aplicaciones, desde las más sencillas hasta las más […]