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Taking Tool Belts to the Next Level with Occidental Leather

Have you ever heard the saying, “that’s my right-hand man”? It usually means the thing or person is whom they depend. They are trusty, reliable, and always there to help. Well, that is precisely the feeling you get when you use a quality tool belt from Occidental Leather!

What Makes Occidental Leather Tool Belts Different?

These belts are “unique and some of the most hard-working tool systems in the business.” Since 1980, Occidental Leather has been a top-quality producer in the tool belt industry. They have earned a reputation that cannot be compared to a competitor. The design studio and production facility are in Sonoma County, CA. This is all information that can be useful for the back of the mind, but what does the actual tool system look like, feel like, and make how you do your job different?

Every belt is built with quality raw materials that are made to last. The functional design and craftsmanship allow an improved work rhythm and efficiency as you work your day. There are belt systems specifically designed for your area of expertise—you can be a framer, electrician, or even a DIY’er, and there is a system built for you.

Occidental Leather manufactures a wide array of tool belt systems, including:

  • Leather tool belts
  • Nylon tool belts
  • Tool vest systems
  • Lefty tool belts
occidental tool belts

Hand-Crafted Leather Made in the USA

Not only are these belt systems’ functionality top quality, but so are the materials they use to craft them. The company is known for its hand-crafted, made-in-the-USA leather. In addition, they use premium top-grain leather and copper rivets to enforce the belt and bags.

And if leather’s not for you, they offer nylon alternatives that are just as great. Occidental Leather provides a line of nylon tool belts that are unmatched. Known for their high level of comfort, carpenters, framers, electricians, and masons alike have all thanked themselves for purchasing one of their best tool belts.

Customize Your Dream Tool Belt

Want to know what’s even better? Personal customization on your tool belt. We all know the struggle of looking for a product and not being able to find the perfect match. One is too small, one is too long, and another doesn’t have enough storage. Well, that issue is no more. We like to say it’s like Build–A–Bear for adults!

There are a wide variety of accessories and add-ons that you can put on your belt to make it function and look the way you need. Every trade woman/man deserves to feel comfort and efficiency when working. We know how hard it can be to swallow the price of a quality item, but when you think about how often you need to replace your torn, ripped, or broken belt, along with the amount of pain relief you must buy for your back, you might as well buy the quality and comfort to start with.

Crane Point is Your Trusted Supplier of Occidental Leather Products

Crane Point Industrial is a proud partner of Occidental Leather, and we feel honored to have a personal relationship with the brand, which makes us more excited to bring them to you.

Visit Occidental Leather’s website now to browse their product offerings. If something catches your eye, give us a ring at (503) 648-0336 or email contact@cranepointllc.com.