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What Fasteners Do You Need to Build a DIY Deck?

Have you been thinking that a beautiful wooden deck would transform your backyard into your own personal oasis? If so, it’s time to make your dreams a reality and get started on your next DIY project.

Naturally, you’ll need some high-quality lumber to construct your dream deck. You’ll also need some durable decking fasteners.

However, if you’ve been down the deck fastener section of your local hardware store, you know firsthand that there are dozens of options out there. The question is, which types of fasteners for decking would be the best choice for your project?

To find out, peruse through our fastener checklist so you can start your deck build with confidence.

DIY Deck: Fastener Checklist

The deck fasteners and supplies you’ll need for your build include the following:

Nails and Screws

Nails and screws are the backbone of your deck project. But which one should you use?

While both are great options, we recommend screws. Specifically, you should consider #10 decking screws between 2½ and 3½ inches in length. Screws are easier to install and are removable, meaning you can more easily repair your deck in the future.

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Industrial Screws and Bolts

Industrial screws and bolts are used to secure larger deck components, like a post to other materials. Due to the weight and thickness of these components, standard screws or nails don’t provide enough fastening strength.

Two commonly used types of construction fastening systems are carriage bolts and lag screws. Both fasteners are longer and have larger shaft diameters than standard screws or nails.

When using a lag screw, make sure you put a washer between the screw head and the wood. This will prevent the screw head from sinking into the post. When installing carriage bolts, use a nut instead of a washer.

Framing Connectors

Framing connectors reinforce the joints between components of your frame. In the past, joints were simply connected using nails or screws. However, dedicated framing hardware has replaced these traditional methods.

An example of framing hardware is a post anchor. This square piece of structural hardware is made of steel and is used to connect a post to your deck. Depending on your deck’s design, you may or may not need framing connectors.

Power Tools

Installing fasteners manually would take far too long. That’s why you need a few handy power tools to speed up your deck build.

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When selecting your tools, you can choose between battery-powered or pneumatic options. For instance, buying a pneumatic nail gun is a smart move if you decide to use nails. If you are installing screws, on the other hand, you’ll need a power drill or screw gun.

If you don’t want to fork over a few hundred dollars for new tools, consider renting them from your local hardware store. However, keep in mind that you’ll probably need those tools for your next DIY project. Why not go ahead and buy them so you’ll always have them on hand?

Hidden Fasteners

Hidden fasteners are exactly what they sound like — they leave behind nearly invisible indentations or holes.

There are several ways to “hide” your fasteners. One approach involves screwing in your deck boards from the bottom. This can be a lot of extra work, but it may be worth it if you want your deck to have a flawless aesthetic.

Another option involves covering your screw heads with caps that match the color of your deck boards. You can spot the caps if you look closely, but most of your guests won’t notice them.

Sizing Guide for Deck Fasteners

The specific fastener sizes you need will vary based on the material dimensions of your deck build. Here are a few common fastener sizes you should consider:

  • Decking: 2-½” to 3-½” deck screws for 5/4 decking boards
  • Railings: 10d, 8d, or 6d finishing nails
  • Framing: 3” deck screws

These deck fastener options are a good match for just about every DIY deck build. But if you need some extra guidance, the experts at Crane Point Industrial can help.

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Don’t compromise the success of your build with subpar fasteners for decking. Call Crane Point Industrial and let us provide you with quality components that are built to last! For more helpful tips, visit the Art of Nails Blog!