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Last Updated September 2022

Residents in California have additional rights pursuant to the California Consumer Privacy Policy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”). This disclosure describes these additional rights and how to exercise them. This disclosure is subject to and incorporates by reference, our Privacy Policy (available here Any capitalized terms used but not defined in this disclosure have the meanings given to such terms in the Privacy Policy.

A.     Description of Your Rights

  1. Right to know.

      Pursuant to the CCPA, you have the right to know:

  • The categories of personal information collected
    • Specific pieces of personal information collected
    • The categories of sources from which the business collected personal information
    • The purposes for which the business uses the personal information
    • The categories of third parties with whom the business shares the personal information
    • The categories of information that the business sells or discloses to third parties
  • Right to OPT-OUT of Sale.

In connection with any Personal Data we may sell or disclose to a third party for a business purpose, you have the right to know:

  • The categories of Personal Data about you that we sold and the categories of third parties to whom the Personal Data was sold; and
    • The categories of Personal Data that we disclosed about you for business purposes.
  • Right to Delete.

On receipt of a verifiable request from you, you have the right to deletion of your Personal Data from our records and those of our service providers, unless an exception applies under the CCPA.

  • Right to non-discrimination.

You have the right to not be discriminated against by us because you exercised any of your rights under the CCPA. This means we cannot, among other things:

  • deny goods or services to you;
    • charge different prices or rates for goods or services, including through the use of discounts or other benefits or imposing penalties;
    • provide a different level or quality of goods or services to you; or
    • suggest that you will receive a different price or rate for goods or services or a different level or quality of goods or services.
  • Making a Request
  1. Access and Deletion Requests. To request access or deletion of your Personal Data, please contact us through our website, or by sending an e-mail to Please note that you may only make a CCPA-related disclosure or deletion request twice within a 12-month period.
  • Verification: To protect the security of your information, for all access and deletion requests you will need to provide us with enough information to verify your identity. The information you provide must match the information we know about you. Additionally, if you request specific pieces of your Personal Data or the deletion of certain Personal Data, you may be required to provide a signed declaration under penalty of perjury and otherwise authenticate your identity. We are not obligated to process a request if we cannot verify that the person making the request is the person about whom we collected information or is someone authorized to act on such person’s behalf. Any Personal Data we collect from you to verify your identity in connection with your request will be used solely for verification.
  • How Your Personal Data is Collected. Section I of the Privacy Policy entitled “What personal data do we collect?” describes how we collect your Personal Data.
  • Sales of Personal Data. Based on our understanding of the term “sale” under the CCPA, we have not, in the last 12 months, sell your Personal Data to third parties for a business or commercial purpose.
  • Requests by Authorized Agents. You are permitted to designate an authorized agent to make a CCPA request on your behalf. Your authorized agent can use the methods described above to submit the request and will be required to provide proof of authorization.
  • Individuals with Disabilities. Individuals with a disability may access an alternative format of this notice using the contact information stated in this document.
  • For More Information. For questions or concerns about this disclosure, please contact us at:

      3831 24th Ave. Bldg. 4

      Forest Grove, OR 97116


      Phone Number: (503) 648-0336

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