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When is Construction Season in the Pacific Northwest?  

Construction season usually refers to the period of the year when the weather permits projects to be completed efficiently and safely. The timing of most construction work can vary depending on the region and climate. For example, in areas where winter can be harsh, the busiest time for contractors may begin later in the year around springtime, and end in late summer or early fall.

When is Peak Construction Season?

In the Pacific Northwest and many other regions, construction is a year-round industry; however, most of the work occurs from April through August.

How Seasonal Temperature Changes Affect the Construction Industry

The PNW construction industry is greatly affected by seasonal temperature changes since it requires using materials and tools that are sensitive to weather conditions. From summer heat to winter cold, many factors can impact the quality of work and even cause delays or additional costs.

Spring and Summer

Higher temperatures in summer can lead to faster drying times for concrete and increased moisture levels in the air which can cause corrosion and other problems. Metals and other materials can be prone to rust and mold in these moist environments.

For this reason, it’s important for contractors to take into account long-term climate changes when choosing construction materials. Certain materials are designed to withstand extreme heat, as well as dry and humid conditions.

Additionally, storms in spring and autumn can cause flooding or wind damage, which could impact construction projects significantly.

Fall and Winter

Fall and winter months can be risky for construction sites, as the wet and slippery ground can lead to more accidents. In addition, cold temperatures can freeze water pipes and cause concrete to contract, making it difficult to work with certain materials. High winds, hail, and thunderstorms can also wreak havoc on job sites.

Regardless, understanding how seasonal temperature changes affect construction in the Pacific Northwest is essential for successful project completion. As always, workers will need to be trained to maintain equipment for a safe working environment.

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Three Seasons of Construction in the Pacific Northwest

Construction work is a seasonal industry with its own unique timeline. Pre-season, in-season, and post-season are the three distinct phases that make up the cycle of year-round construction work.

Each season has its own set of tasks that must be completed to ensure a successful construction project. Understanding these three seasons can help you plan for a successful year of business from start to finish.

Pre-Season Construction

Pre-season is the period when construction companies prepare to work as soon as possible, typically when the weather permits. During this time, smart planning takes place to consider every issue, and the site is planned accordingly.

  • Hiring and Employee Training
  • Purchasing Equipment and Construction Materials
  • Budgeting and Business Planning
  • Schedule Projects and Fill Gaps

In-Season Construction

In-season is when projects are actively underway, and construction companies work as much as possible, given the weather conditions.

  • Optimize Your Daily Schedule
  • Work While Weather Is Cooperating

Post-Season Construction

Post-season is when all the projects have been completed, and it’s time to take a break before starting anew. It is also when construction companies take time to perform maintenance work on their equipment and tools.

  • Operational Reviews
  • Project Research and Planning
  • Indoor Repairs and Renovations

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