Building A House from Start to Finish: What Nails Do You Need?

Building a house is a big project — from finding the perfect plot of land to designing the layout and selecting materials, there are countless decisions to make along the way. While the process can be overwhelming, it’s important not to overlook the details, such as what materials and tools you need. In this blog, we will explore the various types of nails required for building a house from start to finish.

What Nails Do You Need to Build A House?

To build a house, you need several different types of nails, depending on the application. For example, common nails are the most popular nails in construction and are used for general framing and woodworking. Box nails are thinner and are used for lighter construction work, such as nailing trim pieces. Roofing nails are used for fastening shingles to the roof, while masonry nails are used for fastening wood to concrete or masonry.

It is important to choose the right type of nail for the job to ensure that the structure is secure and stable. Using the wrong type of nail can result in a weak or unstable home.

How Many Nails Are Used When Building a House?

According to industry estimates, an average-sized home contains approximately 20,000 nails of at least ten different types, depending on the size and complexity of the structure.

10 Types of Nails Used in Building A House

Each type of nail used in building a house is specifically designed to provide a secure and stable attachment to the various building materials used throughout the construction process.

1. Framing Nails

Framing nails are used in the initial stages of home construction, where they are used to attach lumber to create the home’s structural frame. These nails are typically 3 ½ inches long and have a large shank diameter to strengthen and stabilize the structure.

framing nails to build a house

2. Siding Nails

Siding nails are used when installing exterior siding on the home. These nails are typically shorter than framing nails, ranging from 1 ½ to 2 ½ inches long, and have a thinner diameter to prevent wood splitting.

3. Finishing Nails

Finishing nails are used for interior trim work, such as attaching baseboards, crown molding, and window casings. These quality fasteners are small and often have a decorative head that can be painted to match the trim. They typically range in length from 1 to 2 ½ inches.

4. Roofing Nails

Roofing nails are used to attach roofing materials, such as shingles or tiles, to the roof deck. These nails are longer than siding nails, ranging from 1 ¾ to 3 inches in length, and have a larger diameter to provide a secure hold to the roofing material and the roof deck.

roofing nails

5. Flooring Nails

Another type of nail used in house building is the flooring nail. Blunt-pointed cut nails are often considered the best nails for hardwood flooring. These construction fasteners have a smooth, bright shank and are typically spaced 8 inches apart when installing standard 3 ¼ inch flooring boards. Flooring nails are also available in other sizes and lengths to accommodate different flooring materials and thicknesses. Therefore, when installing hardwood flooring, it is important to have the appropriate size and type of flooring nails on hand.

6. Masonry Nails

Masonry nails are made of hardened steel, have round, square, or fluted shanks, and are firm and rigid, making them difficult to break or bend. Masonry nails are ideal for nailing furring strips to cinder blocks, mortar joints, new concrete, and other masonry materials.

7. Drywall Nails

These nails are used to fasten drywall to the wood or metal framing of a building. Most drywall fasteners typically range in length from 1 ¼ to 1 ½ inches.

8. Brad Nails

Brad nails are another type of nail commonly used in house building. These nails are small finishing nails that are used in light-finish woodworking. Brad nails are thinner than finishing nails and are typically made from a very thin 18-gauge wire. They are ideal for attaching thin pieces of wood, such as trim and molding.

nail gun brad nails to build a house

9. Casing Nails

These are used for attaching the trim to interior walls and for finishing work. They are thin and have smaller heads than other types of fasteners.

10. Deck Nails

These are used for securing boards on the deck surface. They are typically made of galvanized steel to prevent rusting.

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