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Who is Crane Point Industrial?

We have a long history of providing our customers with high-quality products. We understand the importance of quality and we are motivated to provide products and services that make your production smoother. Ian and JoAnne Carter laid the groundwork for Crane Point Industrial with hard work and the ability to stay true to themselves throughout the years. Our customers are not just customers, they are family.

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Let’s go back to the beginning. Ian pursued his education in Forest Engineering at Oregon State University. After graduation, he spent several years working as a Forest Engineer for the US Forest Service. Ian gained experience in timber sales, harvesting, and fires. After the U.S. Forest Service, he continued his career at Nike from 1982 to 1984. Following a humbling experience at Nike, he moved to Weyerhaeuser to work in lumber sales.

As he continued, a client of Ian’s was adamant to find a good nail. The client made it clear that he needed to find him a solution. This thought-provoking situation was what bore the idea for North American Industrial LLC (NAIL).

Now that you’ve visited our brand-new website, you are aware that North American Industrial Nails LLC existed before Crane Point Industrial. Ian began to visit Korea to meet suppliers, soak up industry information, and have some fun nights in a place far far away. Building a personal and trusting foundation is the key to a good relationship and Ian built all his connections with that groundwork.

In 2007, Ian and his wife had to choose whether to continue or not. They chose to rebuild their business and diversify under a new name, Crane Point Industrial LLC. Ian began meeting with mills in other countries like Taiwan, Malaysia, and India.  With this new company name, they carried the ethics and morale, thus bringing along all the invaluable relationships that had been built. They also brought along three charming black labs, Oliver, Nigel, and Clancy.

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Crane Point Industrial branched into the construction sector in 2013. Twelve years after beginning with a few pallets for contractors, Crane Point Industrial has tripled in size, quadrupled in sales, and established itself as one of the Pacific Northwest’s top suppliers of construction fasteners.

We have been able to service several projects in the United States from our sites in Oregon and Idaho. As the years have passed, Crane Point Industrial’s pallet division has also progressed further. This achievement would be impossible without all our Crane Point Industrial employees, loyal customers, and the man who lit the fire underneath Ian to find him a quality nail. We have gained confidence and trust with our customers, which will only continue to grow with the company.

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Today, we are proud to carry an assortment of construction fasteners, safety gear, and construction accessories. We’ve also expanded our service offerings to contractor direct sales, job site delivery, and industrial tool repair.

Let the Crane Point team help you find a fastener solution to meet your project requirements. Contact us today or visit our Art of Nails blog to keep learning!