Ian Carter

An Interview with Crane Point’s Founder

Ian Carter is the President and Founder of Crane Point Industrial. Despite its size today, the company began as a small startup by him and his wife back in 1996. With an extensive background in forestry and logging, Ian was able to expand the company and transform it into the powerhouse it is today.

Fourteen years later, Crane Point is now a leading distributor of products for the construction industry. Whether it’s nails, screws, rebar, tools, or safety equipment—we’ve got the perfect solution for you. “And if we don’t carry a certain product on hand, oftentimes we’ll go out and find it so that our customers have everything they need,” Ian says.

Additionally, we offer a full range of services such as tool repair, job-site delivery, takeoff services for our construction crew, and more. We pride ourselves on being adaptable, so even if we don’t offer a specific service you need, you can count on Crane Point to provide a custom solution. Ian believes that “a company’s greatest asset is its employees and customers, which is why our number one priority is our people.”